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دوشنبه ١٥ آذر ١٤٠٠

دانشکده علوم پایه دانشگاه یاسوج


Ali Taherifar

Assistant professor

Yasouj University ,Department of Mathematics factualy of science


Ph.D. 2010 University of Chamran Ahvaz
     M.S. 2003 University of Chamran Ahvaz

B.S.1994 University of Esfahan


Selected research publication

[1]. Essential ideals in subrings of C(X) that contain C*(X), Filomat Journal, Accepted (2014).

[2].A characterization of Baer-ideals, Journal of algebraic systems, Accepted, (2014).

[3].Some generalizations and unifications of CK(X), C _{\side}(X) and C_{\infty}(X), Questiones Mathematicae,  Accepted, (2014).

[4] .Intersections of essential minimal prime ideals. Comment.Math.Univ.Carolin. 55,1 (2014) 121–130.

[5]. Some new classes of topological spaces and annihilator ideals. Topology Appl. 165 (2014) 84–97.

[6]. When is a sum of annihilator ideals an annihilator ideal? Comm. Algebra.  Accepted, (2014) (with G.F . Birkenmeier and M. Ghirati ).

[7].Intersections of essential (resp., free) maximal ideals Topology and its applications, 167(2014) 62-68 (with  M.Ghirati ).

[8]. Relative zideals in commutative rings. Comm. algebra,  41(2013) 325-34 (with A.R.Alibad and F.Azarpanah).

[9].Relative z-ideals in C(X). Topology and its applications, 156 (2009) 1711–1717 (with F. Azarpamah).





Reviews for Zentralblat Math


[1]. A. Taherifar,  On the multiplicativity of CFC-spaces(Zbl 1270.54013).

[2]. A. Taherifar,  Sequential+ separable vs sequentially separable and another variation on selective separability (Zbl 1264.54045).

[3]. A. Taherifar, Zariski spaces of modules (Zbl 1273.13019).

[4]. A. Taherifar, C and C* among intermediate rings (Zbl pre06231085).

[5]. A. Taherifar, Comparing weak versions of separability (Zbl pre06237338).

[6]. A. Taherifar, A Note on F-spaces (Zbl pre06279945).